QuickBooks POS: Z-Out Report Recommendations

Following are some general suggestions for determining which Z-Out report to use and when. Use the report types and frequency that best meets the needs of your business and policies.

If you have a single workstation:

  • For maximum control, do a Z-Out Drawer Count at the end of each shift and as part of your End of Day procedure, requiring manual media counts. With a single workstation, it isn’t necessary to run a separate Store Close report.

If you have multiple workstations:

  • For maximum control, do a Z-Out Drawer Count report at each workstation at the end of each shift, including the shift that ends the day, and requiring a manual media count. Filter by workstation number, time period, and cashier, as appropriate at each workstation.
  • After the individual workstations have completed their final drawer count for the day, run a Z-Out Store Close report as part of the End of Day procedure, filtered to include the activity from all workstations/cashiers for the entire day.

For more help:

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Peter Eastvold - BlackRock Business

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