QuickBooks POS: Turn on Security

Today we will talk about how to turn on security. Let’s begin:

  1. Go to “File” and “Preferences”, then select “Company”.
  1. On General, check “Require users to log in”.
  1. When you activate the security for your system it will ask you to create a password for your system administrator. Then select “Ok”.
  1. Select “Save”.
  2. After you select save, Log in screen will automatically pop out for you to log in to open the system.

Additional information: when you turn on your security you get a new little menu on the upper right side of your homepage besides the date and time. This menu has Log out, Switch User, Clock In/Out, and Manage Time Clock. Original Article: https://blackrockbusiness.com/quickbooks-pos-turn-on-security/?feed_id=3227&_unique_id=620277474f7e1



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Peter Eastvold - BlackRock Business

Peter Eastvold - BlackRock Business

BlackRock Business is a progressive company centered on helping small and medium businesses alike. We are a proud Intuit Solution Provider (QuickBooks / POS).