QuickBooks POS: Suggested Purchase Order from Reorder Points

Today we’re going to talk about Reordering points in QuickBooks point of sale. This will help you in ordering more inventory for your store. Let’s begin: Reorder Points from a quick way:

  1. From your Item List you can easily put Reorder Point by clicking on one the columns then click “Customize Inventory”, then you can now add Reorder point as your column.
  1. Choose a certain item on the Item list, then double click the Reorder Point. You can now put the number of pieces you want to order on a certain item.
  1. Another step to Reorder Point:
  2. Click on a certain item, then click “Show Details”.
  1. As you can see the Reorder point is “none”.
  1. Edit items one by one by clicking “Edit”, then you can now put something on your Reordering Point.
  1. For example, your Reordering Point is “4”.
  1. The Reorder point is telling point-of-sale that when this item gets below for example “4” then it will automatically reorder.
  2. This is now the outcome.
  1. Now let’s go to Purchasing order from Reorder points.
  2. Go to “Inventory menu” and click “Reminders”.
  1. Reminder screen will appear.
  1. You will see here the different products that needs to be reordered.
  2. As you can see on the Reminder screen that the “Available Quantity” of an item is below the number of “Reorder Points”.
  • Point-of-sale will help you reorder even if the Available quantity don’t match your Reorder point.
  1. Go to “I want to”, then click “Suggest PO”.
  1. Suggest PO’s screen will appear. Click “OK”.
  1. Select “Don’t suggest any quantities”
  2. In “Reorder items from which vendor?” you can choose a certain vendor or you can choose All Vendor.
  3. On your Suggest PO’s, Order Quantity column will appear.
  • In Order quantity you will put the number of pieces you want to order on a certain item.
  1. After you fill in the Order Quantity, go to “I want to” and click “Create PO”.
  1. Purchase Order List will appear.
  1. Click the Purchase Order List one by one, then click “Send” on the lower corner of the screen or you can also send it thru “Email”.

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