QuickBooks POS: How to Use the Inventory Scanner

Today we are going to show you how to use the inventory scanner. Let’s begin:

  1. This is our Inventory Scanner. We have 3 menus, these are Collect, Upload, and Utilities.
  1. During the operation of using this scanner you are actually going to be using the Collect and Upload menu only.
  1. The button on the right is the “Select” button.
  1. Now, we will show you an example on how to Scan and Upload an item.
  1. Press the yellow button. You will see the red laser come out then focus it on the barcode of the item.
  1. It will right away tell you the barcode numbers and automatically right away it is on quantity 1. Press the “Select” button to go on to the next scan.
  1. If you want to change the quantity, highlight the quantity “1” then on your keypad press number “3” then press “Select” to go on to the next scan.
  1. Once you’re done scanning press “ESC/Escape” button.
  1. Then on your Inventory scanner screen, go to “Upload” menu.
  1. This is now the point that you need to connect your inventory scanner to the cradle, then choose the selections on your QuickBooks point of sale screen in order to upload the inventory that you scan.

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