QuickBooks POS: Effects of a Receiving Voucher

  1. Behind-the-scenes effects when saving a receiving voucher:
  1. If you ordered from your vendor at a slightly different price from its price before, it is going to recalculate the average unit cost in inventory. That’s if the voucher cost is different than your previous order costs.
  2. It’s going to update the items order cost in inventory, whenever the order cost changes when you order.
  3. It’s also going to update item prices if the item price was formerly zero and you’re just receiving it for the first time and it’s going to base that upon your defined margin or mark-up on any price level.
  4. If you already had a price on your item and now you’re having a different cost, it will change your average unit cost along with your actual margin or mark-up statistics. It’s going to update that statistic so you can see that you have a new margin because the discrepancy between cost and price has changed.
  5. It will update the received items last received date.
  6. It’s going to add the voucher to your receiving history, item history and vendor history.
  7. If you’re receiving from a purchase order, it’s going to either close that purchase order because you received everything or it’s going to update the purchase order with what has been received.
  8. It will send over a received ticket expense to QuickBooks Desktop Financial.



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Peter Eastvold - BlackRock Business

Peter Eastvold - BlackRock Business


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