QuickBooks POS: Delete Receipts and Sales History

Today we are going to talk about deleting a receipt out of your QuickBooks point of sale. Let’s begin:

  1. Let’s take John Doe as an example. For example, we made a mistake in making a discount so I need to undo the receipt.
  1. In this Original sale this is where you take the cash of John Doe or still have his money in your hand. You don’t have to worry about handing him his cash back you’re just going to redo or reverse the receipt.
  2. The Return sales is the copied document of the original sales.

Note: there is no straight up deleting your receipt you just have to reverse the receipt. Original Article: https://blackrockbusiness.com/quickbooks-pos-delete-receipts-and-sales-history/?feed_id=2903&_unique_id=61af6f315b67e



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Peter Eastvold - BlackRock Business

Peter Eastvold - BlackRock Business

BlackRock Business is a progressive company centered on helping small and medium businesses alike. We are a proud Intuit Solution Provider (QuickBooks / POS).