QuickBooks POS: Add Customer after Receipt is done

Today we are going to talk about what happens when you forgot to add a customer name to the receipt and you definitely want to keep the history of your customer. Let’s begin:

  1. On your Homepage, go to “Sales History”.
  2. Ok first, we need to know whether this receipt has been sent to QuickBooks accounting or not.
  3. On the Sales History screen Add a “QB Status” column.
  4. You can Add a column by right-clicking the header, select “Customize Column” then select “QB Status”.
  5. On the QB Status column you will see a status of “Not Posted” and “Completed”.
  1. Completed means that it has been sent over to QuickBooks accounting.
  2. Not Posted means it’s been processed by the point-of-sale but it has not had a financial exchange to send the numbers over to QuickBooks accounting.
  3. So, for example, you choose this to Add a customer because it has a blank name and it’s QB status is Not Posted.
  1. Go to “I want to” menu, then select “Change/Edit Customer”.
  1. Select here the customer, then click “Ok”. (For example, you choose Jenna Jenkins)
  1. “Jenna Jenkins” has been added to the receipt.
  1. Then your last step is, go to “Financial” menu, then select “Update QuickBooks Desktop” to update your financial.

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