QuickBooks POS: Add Coupon to Receipt

QuickBooks Point of Sale has a feature that gives your customers a wonderful little discount. This is by attaching a coupon automatically to your receipt. It can be set randomly or set it on a condition when will it give out a coupon. Here’s how:

  1. It is important to first set up a coupon that you want to show up on your receipt by going to the “Inventory” menu and click on “Price Manager”.
  1. Click on “Set up Coupon” then select the coupon that you want.
  1. After setting up your coupon. We can now customize the condition on when will the coupon be included in the receipt. This is by going to “File” menu → then “Preferences” → click on “Company”.
  1. Under “Sales” section, select on “Discount” tab. This where you can allow QuickBooks Point of Sale to print coupons on receipt and when will it include the coupon on the receipt.
  1. You can now have coupons on the receipt when the condition set has been fulfilled.

Original Article: https://blackrockbusiness.com/quickbooks-pos-add-coupon-to-receipt/?feed_id=3209&_unique_id=61fea2206596a



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Peter Eastvold - BlackRock Business

Peter Eastvold - BlackRock Business

BlackRock Business is a progressive company centered on helping small and medium businesses alike. We are a proud Intuit Solution Provider (QuickBooks / POS).